Where in the World Do You Get the Biggest Home? - An Average Floor Space Analysis

Where in the World Do You Get the Biggest Home? - An Average Floor Space Analysis

At Find Me A Floor, we have over 30 years experience in flooring sales, distribution and contracting to help you find the perfect floor for your requirements.We pride ourselves on working closely with each and every customer to ensure that whatever the project, however big or small, we can provide you with an ideal solution. So how do we do this? Simple!

How big is your home? Is it big enough for you and your family? Or do you fancy something a bit… bigger? For the majority of us aspiring for a bigger home will become our life’s work. For every new home there will always be a niggling need (or want) for an extra room, a bigger garden or, if you’re lucky, maybe even a pool. That is, until the day comes where age takes the luxury of size and turns it into nothing but a burden. But what if there was an easier way of getting a bigger home? What if you could leave behind a lifetime of work and just swap your way to a bigger home? What if you could get, as tradesmen regularly say, more bang for your buck or bounce for your ounce? Well, thanks to the birth of globalism, you may be able to do just that. Beyond British borders bigger homes with grander gardens and larger bedrooms await. The trick is knowing which country can get you the largest floor space for your money. Well, fortunately, as the experts in flooring, we thought it would be great fun to calculate the average floor space of just some of the great emigration destinations around the world. Read our methodology below to find out how we did it.


After finding the average house price of a family home in each of the respective countries we then pulled together 1000 property samples for each country. Using the measurements of each room in the home we then calculated the average floor space (in metres squared) and created an average for the 1000 properties from each country. Would you like to see and use this raw data? Email [email protected]

United States

The land of the free and the home of the brave. One of the most sort after emigration destinations in the world and a country that offers a host of opportunities to its hard working citizens. But what do you get for your money in the US? While some of its hotly sort after cities like San Francisco and New York average out at no better than 35 square metres for the average US house price, the overall picture is much more pleasant. Our analysis found that 1000 properties came in at 130.65 square metres which is nearly double the average of England.


As the UK’s official number one emigration destination it turns out that floor space may not be the optimal reason for moving down under. Averaging out at only three metres larger than the average floor space (86.79 square metres) available in Wales (83.02 square metres) you may need to search for other reasons for flying half way around the globe. Like the glorious all year sunshine, the beaches or the crystal clear waters.

Hong Kong

As an old jewel of the British Empire Hong Kong is an exotic destination that still offers some of the old homely treats you will usually only find in the UK. But if you want a bigger home you may want to keep looking. Unless you’ve got some serious dollar the average floor space you can look to get in Hong Kong is the lowest we analysed at only 32.93 square metres. To put that into perspective, in our Canadian analysis we regularly found kitchens that could verge on that size.


From one extreme to other, Canada offers by far the largest average floor space available. Coming in at an average of 149.95 square metres that is still nearly 15 square metres larger than the next best in the US. This won’t be a surprise to British and American expats as hundreds of thousands flock to the Great White North every year.


The green and pleasant land. A small country which harbours the homes of tens of millions of people. Similar to the US though, if you avoid the major cities like London, Manchester and Birmingham you can actually get a decent deal. Still, that decent deal is on average 71.16 square metres which is still quite small compared to what’s on offer abroad.


One of England’s oldest arch enemies and it would look like, again, the English have suffered a devastating defeat to French. Offering an average floor space of 79.57 square metres the stunning chateaux’s and refurbished farm houses on offer in pleasant French villages is enough to make the heart melt. Oh, and that’s also over 8 square metres larger than England.

Northern Ireland

Norn Iron. The home of Nutty Krust and some good old fashioned craic. As a country and people you will not be able to find better than the Northern Irish. But if you’re looking for space for an extra bedroom or grander garden then you may want to look further abroad. Averaging at 73.51, the floor space on offer is just a smidge bigger than what’s on offer in England.


As the home of such delights as La Concha beach, La Tomatina and, of course, Lionel Messi it’s a surprise you even need to contemplate floor space when considering Spain as your next home. Fortunately it’s not only football and sunshine that the Spanish are big on as they have one of the largest average floor spaces available in Europe. Coming in at 91.21 square metres, the seaside villas and country estates on offer in Spain dwarf what is available in the UK.

New Zealand

As the home of such picturesque films as Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia and Avatar it is no surprise that New Zealand is one of the most hotly sort after emigration destinations in the world. The variety of luscious green lands, awe-worthy mountains, and golden beaches is a calling to people all over. But if you’re all about a bigger home then you be delighted with the space on offer. Coming in at an average of 114.73 square metres, that’s over 25 square metres bigger than its nearest neighbour Australia.


Scotland, most famous around the world for its glorious whisky and world class golf courses. If you’re a fan of drinking well crushed kernels and hitting balls in the wind and rain then you will adore Scotland. But if you’re looking for a bigger home, then you may want to look further afield. On average Scotland offers around 75.62 square metres in floor space which is much lower than many of the other countries we analysed.


Coming in with an average of 92.65 square metres the average floor space available in Germany is one the largest we analysed in Europe. We were wondering if this extended floor space could be the result of World War II where a lot more planning went into structuring towns and living spaces after a lot of the infrastructure got destroyed in war. Similar patterns can be spotted in Japan where many towns and cities see much more defined structuring than British and American counterparts.


Rolling hills, windswept valleys and golden beaches. With these perks, it’s no surprise that the countryside of Wales is quickly becoming a must-have retirement option for many of the UK’s elderly. As for floor space, Wales offer the largest average floor space in the UK with 83.02 square metres. That’s over 12 square metres bigger than England and 8 square metres bigger than the next biggest in the UK, Scotland.


If you’re looking for something a little brighter than Wales and fancy living the life of a Mediterranean Godfather then you will adore Italy. Along with good food, good wine and beautiful people you will also find one of the largest average floor spaces in Europe. Coming in at 108.21 square metres the properties on offer in the Italian countryside are well on par with what’s available in New Zealand and the US.


Not the type of place that you would typically look for a new home, but still an interesting country for comparison none the less. While China continues to lay more concrete in a year than the US did in the whole 20th century, it turns out that not a lot of this concrete is being turned into large spacious homes for its citizens. With an average floor space of 43.60 square metres, it’s quite a surprise to see a country so big offering such small homes.

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