Quick-Step Impressive the new innovative next generation in laminate flooring.
The most authentic and versatile laminate flooring ever from Quick-Step with a designed surface and shaped bevel to add character to this truly amazing floor.
Quick-Step Impressive also has the new state of the art HydroSeal exclusive to this range which makes it one of the most waterproof laminates on the market. This means it can be used in areas such as bathrooms & kitchens because of its exceptional resistance to water (as long as the perimeter of the floor and also areas where there are any pipe covers, are sealed with the new Quick-Step HydroKit).

Quick-Step Impressive comes with a 25 Year warranty in regular residential areas and a 10 year guarantee in wet areas.

Thickness: 8.00mm
Length: 138 cm 
Width: 19 cm
Box: 7 planks = 1.835 m2
Class 32 – AC4

Quick Step Impressive White Varnished Oak Planks 8mm IM3105